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Information And Howtos About Email Servers Such As Postfix, Dovecot, Maildrop, Sendmail

Email was the first “killer app” of the early Internet and today millions of emails are sent every day using a variety of emails servers such as postfix and sendmail. This section looks at how to use and configure email servers for sending and receiving email, mail filtering with services such as maildrop and procmail, and POP and IMAP servers such as Courier IMAP and Dovecot.

Flush the exim mail queue

I have the exim mail server running on one of my customer’s webservers. Their internal mail server hadn’t been accepting mail overnight so they hadn’t got a whole bunch of important emails from the webserver and I needed to flush the exim mail queue. A quick read of the exim man page answered my question about how to do this and I thought I’d write a quick post to show how to flush the exim mail queue.

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Free POP/110 and IMAP/143 email providers

I have compiled a list of email providers here that support POP3 mail access on port 110 and IMAP mail access on 143, and also the big free webmail providers that do not just to round things off. If you know of any other reliable providers please add a comment or email me.

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Prevent sender header being added with Exim

I changed the mail server on one of my machines from Postfix to Exim a couple of days ago and discovered it adds a "sender" header by default if the "from" header is not the same as the user that sent the email. This results in the "on behalf of" sort of from address in Outlook. This post looks at the setting to prevent the extra sender header from being added.

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Show the sendmail mail queue

To check what is currently sitting in the sendmail mail queue use the sendmail -bp command or its alias mailq. This post looks at basic usage of this command and the output from viewing the mail queue.

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